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diem - 200Dear DiEMer,

DiEM25 has been making big strides forward in the past 10 days. We bring you news:

1. From the UK referendum campaign and London
2. From the Spanish electoral campaign and Barcelona
3. From Julian Assange and Brussels
4. From DiEM25 local groups everywhere

1. The UK referendum campaign and London 

DiEM25’s “Vote In” event in London showed the growing power of our movement:

– around a thousand people attending in London
– DSCs hosting simultaneous events in 7 countries to watch the livestream and discuss the UK’s role in Europe – the Lisbon event was even attended by Pedro Mexia, cultural advisor to the Portuguese President
– many new DiEM25 members, including Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister of the UK), John McDonnell – read the news here!

Highlight of the event was the signing of the London Declaration, which is largely based on DiEM25’s Manifesto and which aims to change the narrative in the UK: vested interests and regressive politicians are currently controlling the EU, but voting LEAVE would only increase their power over UK politics. UK democrats need to vote ‘IN’ to join forces with other democrats across Europe and force change. Sign the London Declaration yourself and become a campaigner for Another Europe here.

If you haven’t seen Yanis Varoufakis’ speech on this occasion, be sure to watch it and share it with your friends –it was an absolute masterpiece! It is now available, along with the other speeches of the day, on the London event page.

2. The Spanish electoral campaign and Barcelona

Next, DiEM25 traveled to Barcelona in order to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Ada Colau’s victory in the Barcelona municipal elections, and to encourage the people of Catalonia, and more generally Spain, to seize the opportunity of electing a government that can ignite real change in Europe.

As Yanis put it: “The incumbent prime minister of the right-wing People’s Party behaves like a spoilt child in Brussels, begging to be allowed to violate the unenforceable rules. The next prime minister of Spain, representing a progressive government that the Spanish voters now have the opportunity to bring to power, must call forth a EU summit that discusses and draws up new, rational, enforceable rules. Only then can Spain breathe again in a Europe that re-discovers its poise, rationality and humanity.”

Read the full article and watch the interview he did here.

Yanis Varoufakis and Luis Martín were able to meet with a group of volunteers in Barcelona last Friday, right before the massive evening event with Ada Colau. This turned out  to be a fantastic opportunity to meet, ask questions and get our local volunteers ready to develop an agenda to get organized.

Also, Luis is scheduled to visit Barcelona again on the 16th to discuss future DSC initiatives in Catalonia. Be sure to connect with our Catalonia sub forum to let them know you are interested in participating!

3. “First they came for Assange…”

The next major event with DiEM25 participation will take place on next June 19th in a global series of gatherings marking the 4th anniversary of Julian Assange’s political asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Naples, Belgrade, and other cities will organize round tables to discuss the importance of whistleblowers, transparency and democracy, as well as to simultaneously connect with Julian Assange (live from Ecuadorian Embassy in London).

Srećko and Yanis will participate from the event at Bozard Center for Fine Arts in Brussels. There will probably be a chance for DiEM25 volunteers to meet Srećko or Yanis for a coffee on the day before the event. If you are in Brussels then and are interested in the meeting, write to volunteer@diem25.org .

If you are in Madrid on that date, Luis Martín will be speaking at the Círculo de Bellas Artes along with head of Julian Assange’s legal team, Baltasar Garzón, Spanish whistleblower, Ana Garrido and President of the Freedom of the Press Platform, Virginia Pérez Alonso. Luis will also be available to meet with volunteers. Spain’s eldiario.es will livestream the event as well. Reserve free tickets here.

Can you attend to any of these events? As this topic is so close to our #Let_Light_In campaign, we are hoping to see a lot of DiEMers at these events. Find all information in the Events section of DiEM25.org and keep an eye on the Forums for upcoming detailed information on each venue.

4. DiEM25 Everywhere

DiEM25’s short-term focus will remain on the campaign to convince the UK not to start the process of European disintegration. At the same time, we are not ignoring the longer-term game, for example we are nearly ready to show you a draft of a democratic DiEM25 constitution (to discuss and vote on) and we are also preparing a transparent funding mechanism for DiEM25, which will allow us to take bigger steps soon.

DSCs are sprouting everywhere as well, including not just location-based groups but also task forces for the creation of infographics, websites, translations and other necessary tools to spread DiEM25’s ideas. A first (incomplete) directory of location-based DSCs is now online.

Carpe DiEM25!


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