Russia hits the goldmine in Uganda | in

The African country of Uganda is in the limelight again and this time it is literally shining gold. Good news is piling up for Uganda. The country has recently announced the discovery of a deposit of 31 million tonnes of gold ore, with extractable pure gold estimated to gross 320,000 tonnes.

The discovered gold is expected to mine the country in excess of a whopping $12 Trillion. If you are facing difficulty processing how exorbitant the amount is then let me help you. The amount is approximately 4 times India’s annual GDP.

Uganda has also recently witnessed a boost in foreign investments owing to the fresh discovery of hydrocarbon resources in its western region on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Perhaps, the good days for the landlocked country have started.

Russian Connection

The major issue African countries face even after the presence of valuable minerals and metals under their soil is the unavailability of technology and capital for extraction. Major developed countries with the appropriate means are known to have considerable interest in African countries majorly due to their resources.

Moscow has maintained strong relations with Kampala. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni did call Russia ‘Europe’s Center Of Gravity,’ and expressed strong support for the Kremlin amid the ongoing war.

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