Russia: U.S. Global Missile Plans Render Nuclear Reduction Offer Void

For peace, against war: literary selections

Russian Information Agency Novosti
June 19, 2013

Russia Skeptical Over Obama’s New Nuclear Reduction Proposal


“How can we take seriously this idea about cuts in strategic nuclear potential while the United States is developing its capabilities to intercept Russia’s nuclear potential?”


Standard Missile-3 launch

MOSCOW: Russian officials on Wednesday expressed doubts over new nuclear arms reductions proposed by US President Barack Obama in light of US global missile defense plans and attempts by other counties to boost their nuclear arsenals.

Obama said in a speech in Berlin earlier Wednesday that he would negotiate to cut another one-third of US and Russian nuclear arsenals and seek “bold reductions in US and Russian tactical weapons in Europe.”

Shortly before Obama’s speech, Yury Ushakov, senior foreign policy adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the Kremlin had been informed in general about the new US proposal but reiterated Russia’s position that…

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