Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski (1960)

The daughter of a maniac cinema legend, Klaus Kinski, the German actress obtained her début (non-speaking) role in Wim Wender’s film, The Wrong Move, in 1974 after the director’s wife had discovered the precocious beautiful 12 year old girl in a nightclub. She then appeared in a number of other films such as To the Devil, a Daughter, in 1976, in which she could be seen nude despite being a minor. It was Roman Polanski with his film Tess, in 1979 that turned the sensual ingénue into a recognised and admired star. She moved on to American films such as Francis Ford Coppola’s One from the Heart and the erotic horror cult film, Cat People, in 1982 – both films turned the actress into a strong object of desire along a popular Richard Avedon shoot for which she posed nude with a snake. In 1984, she reunited with Wim Wenders for one of art house cinema’s favourites, Paris, Texas, a film in which her beauty and subtle emotions were deeply emphasized. The actress soon returned to quite forgettable European films, mostly scrutinized for her relationship with legendary music producer, Quincy Jones. Fleeing the limelight to concentrate on her personal life, Nastassja Kinski then only appeared in supporting roles on television and a little number of films such as Father’s Day, in 1997. Is it because of her melancholic childhood facing a terrifying tyrannical father and a fragile hippie-like mother did the actress turn into a delicate and evanescent figure? With her mysterious and secret personality, Nastassja Kinski incarnates the image of an artist more than a film star. A poetic muse enliven by an iconic crimson red mohair sweater…





















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