02/02/2023 | John Joseph Mearsheimer is an American political scientist and international relations scholar, who belongs to the realist school of thought. He is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. He has been described as the most influential realist of his generation.

Who armed Ukraine and decided to expand NATO? Prof John Mearsheimer | 8/04/2022

The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis Professor John Mearsheimer, Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science and Co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago. He assesses the causes of the present Ukraine crisis, the best way to end it, and its consequences for all of the main actors.

00:00 UK, Germany and France do they have a role in Ukraine vs Russia war? 01:42 Does the EU or Nato have a role in Ukraine vs Russia war? 04:57 Who decided to expand NATO? 07:39 Are we moving from an US Unipole to Multipolar world? 10:28 Is China a threat to Russia? 12:14 Can Ukraine, as a buffer state, lead to peace? 17:06 Did Nato promise not to expand to the east? 19:40 Who decided to arm Ukraine? 23:49 Why do Europeans and Americans hate Russians so much? 26:40 Can libral international order with USA on top survive? 30:14 Does Putin suffer from a personality disorder? 32:02 Nato needs Russia and its threats to continue its existance? 36:30 Does having nuclear weapons lessen wars?