Welcome to DiEM25! | One very simple, but radical, idea – to democratise Europe


Welcome to DiEM25!

Since our launch on 9th February in Berlin, many have joined DiEM25. Thank you for being amongst the first to do so!

Ideally, we should all get together to welcome each other to DiEM25!

Alas, Europe is too large to allow this.

Europe may be very large but it is not powerful enough to withstand the destructive forces that are tearing the EU apart.

The reason? With their incompetence and authoritarianism, the EU establishment have turned Europeans against it.

Whatever we may think of the EU, its disintegration today threatens the peoples of Europe with a (post)modern version of the 1930s.

To resist these forces threatening Europe’s weakest citizens, its culture of tolerance, and its basic humanism, the European Union must be democratised.

Nothing else will do!

We formed DiEM25 to create a movement to reverse Europe’s disintegration. With you, and each one of us, as its principal agent.

So, once again, Welcome to DiEM25!

Together we stand a chance. Divided we shall surely fall.


DiEM’s Manifesto ends with a list of our aspirations for Europe. Amongst the first is the aspiration for:

  • A Transparent Europe where all decision-making takes place under the citizens’ scrutiny

We therefore intent to kick-start our campaigning with a simple petition to bring about the Transparent Europe we seek. We shall soon ask Europeans to participate in ourTransparency In Europe Now campaign to expose decision-making to the scrutiny of European citizens.

Once this campaign is up and running, we shall quickly embark on preparing DiEM’s Policy Papers for each of the five ‘battlegrounds for Europe’ – Europe’s ‘battlefields’:

(1) A Green New Deal for Europe (Economic & Investment Policy Paper)

(2) Europe’s Money (Policy Paper on Europe’s Currencies, concentrating on reforming the euro but also on coordinating monetary & investment policy with non-Eurozone member-states)

(3) Migration & Refugee Crisis

(4) TTiP, WTO & Europe’s relationship with other international organisations (e.g. IMF, World Bank, WTO), and

(5) Decentralised Europeanisation & the Constitutional Assembly DiEM is proposing in its Manifesto.

This is how we propose to produce DiEM’s Policy Papers on the above issues:

  1. SCHEDULE OF PAN-EUROPEAN EVENTS: The date and place for a pan-European gathering will be announced for each of the five issues above. The Events will be sequenced over the next two years
  2. AGENDA: A set of questions will be circulated for each of the five issues to motivate our discussion. Members will have the opportunity to suggest questions using our digital platform
  3. LOCAL MEETINGS: On the lead up to each of the Pan-European Events, DiEM members will convene local and regional meetings (in town halls, theatres, cinemas etc.). Their collective and individual recommendations will then be up-loaded on DiEM’s digital platform for more deliberation prior to each Pan-European Event
  4. PAN-EUROPEAN EVENTS: In these large physical gatherings, the final draft on each of the five issues will be compiled after energetic in situ deliberation
  5. e’REFERENDUM: Each draft DiEM Policy Paper will be put to the vote on DiEM’s digital platform. Only then will the DiEM Policy Paper be approved and distributed as our collective position on the ‘battlegrounds’ where the integrity and soul of Europe will be fought over.

In this manner, within two years, DiEM will have fully-fledged positions on the issues that will shape Europe.

We have much work to do. The first step was completed when you joined DiEM. Now it is time to take the next steps. Together!

Carpe DiEM25

PS1. Please encourage friends and potential members to enrol on www.diem25.org
PS2. Feel free to write to DiEM on info@diem25.org or to volunteer for the day-to-day running of DiEM on volunteer@diem25.org

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