One very simple, but radical, idea: to democratise Europe | Yanis Varoufakis

diem - 200Dear friends,

After last night’s shock result, for which we must hold responsible the European establishment’s deep contempt for democracy and reason, DiEM25 is more important than ever. It is our democratic movement that will have to forge the bonds of pan-European solidarity necessary to pick up the pieces from the EU’s disintegration.

  • Brussels-Berlin-Frankfurt (the triangle of real power) will no doubt double down on authoritarianism-with-austerity and just offer a few inconsequential sticks and carrots along the way. We need to confront them before they destroy everything
  • Meanwhile, the London Tories are in disarray, as is Labour. DiEM25 must be present throughout the UK and Europe, pushing in the direction of anti-austerity, anti-racism and toward a pan-European anti-Brussels block.

I ask all of you, comrades, that you become involved, that you share our message widely: through Twitter, Facebook, other networks and email as well as offline. It is pivotal that you help transmit our sense of urgency and get as many people as possible to support DiEM25’s agenda for a democratic, social and open Europe.

Let us not allow what happened last night demoralise us. On the contrary, let’s strengthen our stance, let’s go out to defend it and promote it now more than ever.

Our time has come and it is essential to involve ourselves with all our strength.


Yanis Varoufakis

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