Bares de Leitura

13957-v1-338x338Publishers, booksellers, and other booklovers have all mixed books with adult beverages at one time or another. One Twin Cities entrepreneur, however, has brewed a potent concoction with the tagline, “Reinventing the Book Club – as a Show,” that’s creating a sustained buzz. Books & Bars, which entered its 10th year this month, is a monthly public book club during which anywhere between 12-200+ participants — 60%-65% female/35%-40% male (depending upon the book being discussed), many of them in that elusive 20-40-year-old age range — eat, drink, and talk about books for 90 minutes while moderator, Jeff Kamin, 42, who performed improv comedy in Los Angeles clubs for four years before moving to Minnesota in 2001, both leads the discussion and entertains the crowd. It’s a heady mixture of intelligent conversation, juicy author and book gossip, and clever witticisms.

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