Deep Discovery |Ayla El-Moussa and Lucas Ighile

Scientists and spiritual minds have told us for decades that the universe is within us. Since the odds of exploring outer space as an astronaut are not favorable, we have decided to explore the universe within us. As well as a place we know less about than the cosmos: the ocean. We present to you our next series: deep discovery




Lucas Ighile was born at a very young age in Europe, raised in Africa and polished in America. After obtaining a bachelor in economics and subsequently turning down a career on wall street he moved to London to produce music. After working with some of the top talent in the U.K. he moved to D.C, then Atlanta to continue working with cousin and production partner Parker Ighile. The next stop was New York City where production took a backseat and 25th Century became the focal point. Now a self described “interpreter of space” Los Angeles is the latest stop on the journey. Depending on what day you catch him he’s either a producer, philosopher, art director, photographer, fine artist or grand master chill ski aka lazy bum.

Ayla El-Moussa was born to into an eclectic Middle Eastern family in the misty hills of West Coast Canada where she was raised as a grass fed farm girl. Running through lavender labyrinths, picking raspberries and feeding cows she was inspired by the mystic beauty of nature which till this day influences the DNA of her work. She then left and spent three years at the University of Arts London before swapping tea for coffee and finishing her degree across the pond at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Along the way  she was appointed assistant creative director to Middle Eastern Luxury magazine where she designed, edited content and covers for brands like Versace, Chopard, De Grisogono and Aigner. She now resides in sunny California where she continues to weave her experiences into bundles of magic, shooting,directing and designing for 25th Century.

Via :25th Century: Website | Instagram

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