The truth about Neo-Nazis in Ukraine | Aris Roussinos % Freddie Sayers

When Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine it was under the guise of ‘denazifying’ the country. But are there really any Nazis in Ukraine? Or is this just a story spun by the Kremlin? Aris Roussinos joins Freddie Sayers to unpick this contentious topic and seek some insight into Ukraine’s far-Right factions.

// Timecodes // 00:0000:40 – Introduction 00:4002:18 – Does Ukraine have a Nazi problem? 02:1809:39 – The Azov movement & Ukraine’s Far Right 09:3912:28 – Is Ukraine’s hard Right different to other countries? 12:2815:37 – Could Ukraine’s Far Right pose a threat once the war with Russia ends? 15:3716:58 – What is the scale of the problem? 16:5817:13 – Concluding thoughts

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