Henry Kissinger at Davos: Ukraine must give Russia territory in the push for peace


‘I think we need a neutral Ukraine. Not one that is too much of a Russian or Western satellite.’ Freddy Gray discusses Henry Kissinger saying Ukraine must push for peace even at the cost of territorial compromise while attending the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.

Adieu | Poèsie – Ines Hayouni | SILA 2022

Contempler ton cortège funèbre un beau jour d’été

J’attendais impatiemment ta belle arrivée

Les nobles soldats portaient ton tombeau fleurdelisé

Quel rêve fantasmagorique de voir ton corps endormi

Enveloppé dans ce beau linceul

De ta gentillesse, le monde s’est appauvri

L’odeur de camphre caresse mes narines

Et apaise mon cœur affaibli

Les anges t’ont bercé jusqu’à la méridienne

J’appréhendais notre rencontre

Mais notre séparation m’a laissée sereine

Un contentement trompeur a pris le relais de ma peine

Prologue d’une douleur à en perdre haleine

Sergei Polunin & Mikhail Baryshnikov in Don Quixote, A Glorious Montage

Pam Boehme Simon

A thought inspired by your very kind comments… I don’t think I’ve enjoyed the creative process more than during the researching and making of this video. What joy these two incredible artists bring to our lives, each fully capable of transcending their own time, and each, without a doubt, sure to leave a legacy that will allow them to long outlive their own mortality.

Sergei Polunin from 2014

Mikhail Baryshnikov from 1983

“Together” in Don Quixote 2022

What could be more glorious?

Extreme Natalia Osipova/Наталья Осипова, from day1 the passion, work ethic, & flexibility shone!

Pam Boehme Simon

A dancer of extremes, her work ethic, talent, passion, even flexibility (a 180 degree split is nothing to her… she does 270) are beyond the norm. Following Natalia Osipova from her very first ballet classes to adulthood, this video shows how strong these qualities were in her from the very start.

Even today she has not slacked off. Where others may settle for good, or aim for simple greatness, Natalia has other plans. She is driven to be the best ballet dancer she can possibly be. She is one of the most self-disciplined, hardest working, laser beam focused, minutia-calculating, “do it twelve more times” dancers in the world today. And, the result is mind blowing…

Music: “So Many Secrets,” “Dramatic Orchestrations,” and “Triumphant” by Gavin Luke

Born in Moscow, Osipova began formal ballet training at the age of nine. From 1996 to 2004, she studied at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (The Bolshoi Ballet Academy). From 1995 to 2004 she trained at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and on graduating entered the corps of the Bolshoi Ballet, where she was promoted to principal in 2010. In 2011 she left the Bolshoi to join the Mikhailovsky Ballet as a principal. She is currently a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet in London.

Osipova has appeared as a guest artist with companies around the world. In March 2012 she became a principal of American Ballet Theatre, where she created the title role in Alexei Ratmansky’s The Firebird. Her awards include Golden Masks for her performances in In the Upper Room (2008) and La Sylphide (2009), Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards (Best Female Dancer, 2007, 2010 and 2014), Positano Dance Awards (Best Female Dancer, 2008 and 2011) and a Benois de la Danse Award (Best Female Dancer, 2008).