Alerta urgente! Está na hora de intervir! Políticos para a PAZ !

Personalidades Políticas que se consideram estar particularmente bem posicionadas para ajudar a encontrar o caminho da Paz, com Concórdia e Visão Humanista e Cosmopolita do Futuro da Humanidade. (vcs)

Political Personalities who are considered to be particularly well placed to help find the way to Peace, with Concord and a Humanist and Cosmopolitan Vision of the Future of Humanity. (vcs)

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Victoria Fyodorova | Russian-American actress and author

Victoria Fyodorova (formerly Pouy; January 18, 1946 – September 5, 2012) was a Russian-American actress and author. She was born shortly after World War II to Jackson Tate (1898–1978), then a captain in the United States Navy, and Russian actress Zoya Fyodorova (1909–1981), who had a brief affair before Tate was expelled from Moscow by Joseph Stalin. Victoria Fyodorova wrote the 1979 book, The Admiral’s Daughter, which was about her experience attempting to reunite with her father.