MATT MULLICAN | A Single Line | Christina Guerra Contemporary Art

17/1 às 22:00 até 27/2 às 20:00

Matt Mullican for this 4th show at Christina Guerra Contemporary Art proposes a simple concept of a single drawn line as the common Architecture that binds the works in his upcoming show.

In the 1970’s Mullican’s Exhibitions could all be read as giant maps describing the relationship of subject to Sign to Art to World to Elements. For this show he brings back this device in order to bind and illustrate recent pictures and objects.

The single line is also a way of redefining what is possible in relationship to his earlier exhibitions at the gallery. Most of the work will be modest in scale and everything will be displayed on a line on the wall.

The line is syntax, structure, context and in a way it represents ‘linear thought’. Recently in an exhibition in Switzerland titled “Who Feels the Most Pain” Mullican used a drawn line to connect pictures of different media. Everything from Rubbings, notes, paintings, objects, models flags were incorporated and laid out all in a row. The thinking being that one understands the image of a man in a photograph in a different way than one understands a drawing of a man on a piece of paper.

The subjects of the pictures displayed on the line will include; Art, Society, Worship, Sex, Gods, Men and Women, Dreams, Work, Identity, Experience, War, Love, Truth, Beauty, Subject, Sign, World, Element, Brain, Cosmology, Coffee Cup, Notebook.

The forms of the pictures displayed will include photo’s, Xeroxes, rubbings, lightboxes, collages, drawings, paintings, etc.
Pictures on the line could also be displayed in groups as in displaying a book.

The artist will be present.

Matt Mullican (b. Santa Monica, CA, 1951) lives and works in Berlin and New York. Important exhibitions include “Organizing the World,” Haus der Kunst, Munich; “12 by 2,” Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne, France; Kröller Müller Museum, Otterlo, the Netherlands; STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven, Belgium; “Pictures Generation: 1974-1984”, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA; “Matt Mullican: A Drawing Translates the Way of Thinking”, The Drawing Center, NY, USA.



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