Phil Collins | Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End (1998)

The Gentleman you ask about is George Martin. He produced the Beatles which is a good thing to have on a CV !!! Before that he produced The Goons and others. I’d known George for many years and during an interview with him for a TV series he was doing, he mentioned that he was going to put the Beatles stuff on CD, and it would be the last time those tapes would be heard as they were. I couldn’t resist asking if I could come and have a listen….so I went to AIR studios, above Oxford Circus, and heard their multi-tracks for the first and last time.

Yesterday, Ticket to Ride, Help…..paradise. When he put each fader up separately (and there was only 4 of them !!!)… each track had one or two instruments on them and you could hear the guys coughing etc. Anyway to get back to the point, he was making what was to be his last album. His hearing has suffered over the years and this was to be the last one. He asked the people he liked to pick songs of the Beatles to perform. I chose, after discussing it with him, Golden Slumbers, which has the little drum solo in it.

He came out to France where we were recording DITL, and we did it all in a day. He’d say…”this is what George sang…” and “this is what Paul did..”it was quite magical. The album is called “IN MY LIFE” and there was a documentary made… don’t know if that is available, though I have a copy. When I think of these things I’ve been able to do in my career, I’m very touched that I’ve managed to work with some of the greatest musicians, writers, producers of our time. I never forget how lucky I am. (2005)

Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise (Official Music Video)

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