* Mozart wrote nearly 650 compositions – According to Kochel’s counting ( 1863 ) REQUIEM IN D Minor is the 626 piece Mozart composed.

* Over and above this activity he also found time to pen more than 1200 letters, making him one of the most prolific writers of his era.

Numerous love letters to his wife Constanze, his father Leopold, his sister Nannerl, his friend composer Joseph Haydn …, have come down to us.

– He loved to play with words, not only in his native German but in French and occasionally Italian as well.

Mozart wielded words as easily as he did musical notes.

Sometimes he played with the words themselves. For example, he often jokingly signed letters Trazom Gnagflow, his name in retrograde.

– Mozart’s letters show he knew his worth as a musical genius even though he always came up empty handed i job hunts:

” I am a composer, and I was born a Kapellmeister. I must not and cannot bury my Gift for Composing, that a benevolent God has bestowed upon me in such rich a measure. “

* What are the most interesting excerpts from Mozart’s letters ?The usual answer for the general public would be the jejune, scatological letters.

( He didn’t mean to be coarse. Mozart’s unabashedly ” potty – mounthed ” writing merely reflected how he was brought up ).

– Benjamin Simkin’s compilation lists scatological letters by Mozart to the following individuals:

– his father, Leopold Mozart : 20 letters

– his wife, Constanze Mozart : 6 letters

– his cousin, Maria Anna Thekla Mozart : 6 letters

– his sister, Maria Anna Mozart ( Nannerl ) : 4 letters

– his mother, Anna Maria Mozart : 1 letter

– his mother and sister jointly : 1 letter

– his Salzburg friend Abbe Joseph Bullinger : 1 letter

– his friend the choirmaster Anton Stoll, for whom he wrote AVE VERUM CORPUS : 1 letter

* In Mozart’s letters, we find the eternal optimist even in the most trying times.

Mozart the married man could be tender and sentimental, While travelling, he wrote his wife :

” Tears rained upon the paper as I wrote the foregoing page, but now let us cheer up ! Catch ! – an astonishing number of kisses are flying about. “

* One aspect of his letters is interesting, but in a frustrating way, is how rarely he talks about his own musical process.

The letters are chatty, personal and tell us a lot about his daily life down to the most mundane details – what he had for lunch, who he is meeting with later that week, etc.

Remarks about other musicians, good, bad or mediocre; he abhorred show-offs who had not taste.

* Photo: A drawing by Mozart in his Basel Letters to her cousin Maria Anna Thekla

Via Lisa Mirren

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