* Mozart wrote nearly 650 compositions – According to Kochel’s counting ( 1863 ) REQUIEM IN D Minor is the 626 piece Mozart composed.

* Over and above this activity he also found time to pen more than 1200 letters, making him one of the most prolific writers of his era.

Numerous love letters to his wife Constanze, his father Leopold, his sister Nannerl, his friend composer Joseph Haydn …, have come down to us.

– He loved to play with words, not only in his native German but in French and occasionally Italian as well.

Mozart wielded words as easily as he did musical notes.

Sometimes he played with the words themselves. For example, he often jokingly signed letters Trazom Gnagflow, his name in retrograde.

– Mozart’s letters show he knew his worth as a musical genius even though he always came up empty handed i job hunts:

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